Third Graders Take Artistic Adventure

The third graders of Holy Angels went on an artistic fall adventure at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan recently where they had the opportunity to make works of art, tour the facility, and have lots of fun.

The budding artists participated in a hands-on project at the ARTery led by Xenobia Bailey, one of the fifteen artists currently in exhibition in the Art Center’s American Story show. The project is a collaborative effort of many schools. The Holy Angels third graders glued colored pieces of construction paper on cardboard outlines of people to make a mosaic. A visiting class the day before had drawn the outlines of figures of people and cut them out. Soon all of the pieces will hang in a giant mobile which will be hung at the Center.

The students then toured the Center and saw several exhibits. The main exhibit was American Story, which explores the diversity of American culture through fifteen artists who fuse personal experiences and cultural heritage into works of art. The artist the students helped, Xenobia Bailey, crochets objects of art that are colorful, fun, and inspiring.

The last stop of the tour was the public washrooms, which the Art Center actually considers to be some of their only permanently installed works of art.

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