“The Giving House” Prepares for Christmas

The HA Gym was full of actors, singers, musicians and their friends for this year’s Christmas presentation of “The Giving House”. The play was adapted by a group of nine eighth graders from a story called “Gifts from the Heart”. 

The play followed the Anderson family as they travelled to their grandparent’s house on a snowy Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the December weather changes for the worse (does this sound like Wisconsin?) and the family is forced to take a detour which leads them to Annie’s Bed and Breakfast.  Annie and her husband George have closed the inn for the night because they are waiting for members of their own family to arrive for the holiday, but with many of the roads closed, they change their minds and invite the Andersons in.

The Anderson children are disappointed when they discover that there are no Christmas presents for them at the inn.  The innkeepers open the family’s eyes to another kind of gift-giving and all is resolved.  The best gifts are the ones that do not come from a store.

The full house had an opportunity to become part of the performance as the first, second and third graders sang “partner songs” with the audience.  The evening began with the kindergartners singing “Will You be Here This Christmas” and ended with a medley of Christmas Carols.

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