The Eyes Have It!

Tuesday, October 21st: The teacher drove to Kewaskum. She waited as 16 eyes were removed from freshly slaughtered cows. She considered what her students knew. They knew that light traveled in waves and that visible light was just one of many electromagnetic waves. They knew that to see something, light has to bounce off of it and enter our eyes. They knew that our eye is a complex organ designed to focus light on the back of the eye. They had labels diagrams of the eye and had studied what each part did.

Wednesday, October 22nd: Sixth graders worked in pairs. They wore goggles. They handled scalpels and forceps. Their hands were covered with disposable gloves. They carefully cut away the outside fat and muscle. They felt the thick cord known as the optic nerve coming out of the back of the sphere before inserting the eyeball with the sharp point of the scalpel and then smoothly cutting the eyeball in half. The lens, covered with gooey vitreous humor, fell out. The hole in the iris was clearly pointed out and identified as the pupil. After it was peeled away, the almost clear cornea was all that was left at the front of the eye. The retina, detached from the back of the eye, looked like a small mound of brown tissue. The students carefully cleaned up and washed their hands.

Thursday, October 23rd: The sixth graders asked when they could dissect again.

(contributed by science teacher Mrs. Gunnare)

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