Talking Vocations

Holy Angels students saw a familiar face when they came to Mass on Thursday, but it wasn’t Fr. Pat or Fr. Jerry.  Instead, Fr. Enrique joined the school community for the morning and an opportunity to think about vocations.

Fr. Enrique served the West Bend community as the associate pastor at Cabrini and St. Mary’s before joining the Archdiocesan Vocations Office. During the Mass, Fr. Enrique shared part of his journey to the priesthood that started in his home country of Colombia.  He also graphically demonstrated the difference between something that is sacred (eg. chalice or a person!) and what is not (can of soda), emphasizing each person’s call to holiness by listening for and following God’s call.

After Mass, Fr. Enrique spent some time with each of the levels and further shared his personal story.  He answered a multitude of interesting and thought-provoking questions from students that ranged from “What’s your favorite food/color?” to “When did you know you wanted to be a priest?” Students were encouraged to prayerfully listen for God’s call to some kind of vocation and to seek out ways to live that calling.

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