Students Write and Perform “HANDS”

This year’s theme “Put Yourself in the Hands of God” was the inspiration for the Spring Performance of “HANDS” which was written by the seventh grade Language Arts classes.  The writing team jumped right in with both feet and both hands and developed a play about something they know so well…school. The performance also had three short plays within it – one for the fourth grade, one for the fifth grade, and one for the sixth grade to perform. 

The premise of the “umbrella” play was that a brand new teacher is given a class with a reputation for bad behavior.  After some trial and error, this new teacher discovers that her class responds to stories.  She uses these stories as rewards and lessons to help them change their behavior.  In the end, they show her what kind of young people they truly are – young people of good character. 

The songs that go with the play also put the emphasis on hands.  From “Put Your Hand in the Hand” to “Born to Hand Jive”, and from “Dance With Your Hands” to “High Five”, it was an evening of music to be seen and heard.

In the seventh grade play, Mikaela Hanrahan played the new teacher; Dalton Espitia, the principal;  Sean Jessup, Devin Feucht, Meghan MacFarlane, Noah Waech, Morgan Hopp, Maddie Gruenke, and Kenzie Mas, the students. The FAD (Fine Arts Design) team designed some great scenery for the classroom and the story-telling sequences.

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