Students Meet Survivor

The junior high students recently visited Milwaukee area synagogue Congregation Beth Israel.  After a brief orientation, the male donned their kippah and the group gathered in the synagogue, a place for learning and worship.  The rabbi explained some basic elements of Judaism and helped the students read from the book of prayers before they lined past one of the copies of the Torah.

The students then listened to a World War II Jewish Holocaust survivor recount his life when he was their age.  Born in Lithuania, he explained how he and his family were moved from place to place until he and his father were taken to a labor camp.  He never saw the rest of his family again.  He recalled the horrific way that the Jewish people were treated and the countless number who died or were killed. When the war was finished, he came to America with a friend to start a new life.

The junior high students left with many thoughts about how people have  treated others, how bystanders could have acted but did not, and how people today have choices…to act with courage or simply stand by.

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