Students Give Thanks By Giving

The season of Thanksgiving provides many opportunities to think about the many blessings we have received. The first grade students recalled the first Thanksgiving celebration by dressing up as pilgrims and hearing the story of the Pilgrims and Native Americans (and the lengthy celebration of that first Thanksgiving!).

The first graders also planned the school’s Thanksgiving Mass and the rest of the students were encouraged to bring cereal as their offertory gift. The first graders lined up all the cereal boxes in the office hallway to await delivery to the Full Shelf Food Pantry.

Earlier in the month, the junior high homerooms prepared Thanksgiving Boxes for the Franciscan Peacemakers effort to provide meals in the inner city of Milwaukee. Teams of junior high students provided the contents of the packages which provided all of the ingredients for several meals (the fifth graders were on hand to help when the truck arrived to pick up the boxes).

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