Students at Camp Gray

Holy Angels sixth graders recently participated in the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) at Camp Gray near Wisconsin Dells.  The annual overnight retreat provides students with many opportunities to experience and learn about the wonders of God’s creation.  The retreat is also an opportunity for prayer experiences as well as fun activities.

Several students offered some perspectives:

“I liked canoeing the best because it gave me time to have fun around the beauty of God’s creation.”

“I felt most of God’s presence in the vespers prayer service after the campfire”

“My favorite activity was the stream hike because I like walking in water.”

“During the solo hike, it was quiet, cool, and it felt really good just to be in God’s creation. I like to thank God for it because it was so pretty and beautiful. There were sounds of birds, insects, wind and the trees were rumbling.”

“I am going to be conscious of not throwing paper in the garbage.”

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