Smart Boards Come to HA

During the summer months Holy Angels School continued on its path as a “Premier, Unique and Enduring” school with the support of the Stehling Project. Ten SMARTBoards were installed in classrooms throughout the building and about half of the staff participated in a three-day course through the Sally Ride Academy and Stritch University.

SMARTBoards are interactive whiteboards which provide teachers and students with an abundance of new opportunities for teaching and learning. Think of it as a huge computer monitor which responds to human touch, recognizes handwriting, saves lessons, and interacts with the internet, videos and Powerpoint presentations…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They also replace overhead projectors and video monitors in the classroom.

During the two-credit course this summer, sixteen Holy Angels teachers began designing lessons and activities utilizing the SMARTBoards for their students. A wealth of standards-based lessons and activities have also been designed by others which are available online and use Notebook, an application which utilizes the SMARTBoard technology. Teachers have created and adapted files using Notebook to perform a wide array of tasks which increase student involvement in the learning process. The applications of SMARTBoard technology are limited only by the teacher’s (or student’s) creative use of the computer and interactive display.

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