Seder Meal Provides Reflection

This year’s Holy Week observance included a special Seder Meal on Holy Thursday. During the normal lunch hour, students in grades one through eight gathered in the Walnut/Cedar Rooms to commemorate the Passover. They reflected on its connection to the saving actions of Jesus as He gathered with His closest friends at the First Eucharist, died, and rose to New Life.

The Seder Meal included prayers derived from the Passover Haggadah. Students were able to partake of bitter herbs and sweetbread, beverages, and unleavened bread which recalled the ancient flight from Egypt. Joined together in singing Remember Your Love, the students recalled God’s faithfulness. Just as God’s People of old moved from slavery to freedom, students today moved from their personal closing of past “doors” and ways of living to opening themselves to a New Life in Jesus.

The sixth grade religion classes helped Mrs. Sternig and the rest of the faculty in preparing the place settings for the Seder Meal prayer.

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