School Spirit Celebration

The annual kick-off to Catholic Schools Week provided fun for all.  While many enjoyed dancing in the Cedar Room, others took up the challenge in the Dodgeball Tourney, followed by some Lightning.  In addition to usual pizza snacks and beverages, this year’s event also included a bake sale.  The Kohl’s Art Generation returned and found many young artists working on self-portraits which were more imaginative than expressing realism. 

After the champions of the two levels of the Dodgeball Tourney were decided, a group of the parents took on the kids.  Although the adults were able to defeat the 4-5th graders, the 6-8th graders were victorious as their game came down to a one-on-one shootout.

A fun time marked the beginning of an exciting week of activity to celebrate Catholic Schools.  Many thanks to the HAS-PAC for their efforts in providing an evening of fun, with special thanks to Mandy and Scott Sadownikow and Cari and Matt Ciriacks.


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