Grades and Educational Resources

School Supply List

The listing of school supplies for the 2020-21 school year is included  the Beginning-of-Year Family Packet. It is also available here.

2022-2023  School Supply List (PDF)



Student grades and attendance are accessible to parents and students through the PowerSchool website. This link will

access the Holy Angels website. Users need to login using a username and password.

Powerschool Link 


Chromebook Specs

Chromebooks should be purchased as part of the regular school supplies for each junior high student. The minimum Chromebook configuration must include: Google Chrome OS; wireless network capability (802.11a/b/g/n); 2GB RAM and 16GB memory; USB port; and 11.5 inch screen. Parents may receive a $100 subsidy for the new purchase of a Chromebook. Parents may also choose to use a Chromebook that they may already own, provided that it meets the minimum configuration.

Standards Based Grading

Holy Angels uses Standards Based Grading. Students are assessed on their ability to master the WI state standards. This

rigorous approach moves from subjective grading techniques – using A-F letter grades – to assessing how well a student is progressing towards thoroughly comprehending the expected outcome as outlined by the WI state standards. Below you will find documents that explain the process as well as the Priority Standards (as defined by the archdiocese) that will be on the report cards and the scoring guides that correspond to the priority standards for grades 1-8.

Parents Guide to Standards-Based Assessment and Grading

Priority Standards Website 

Scoring Guides Website


Textbook Links

Weblinks to the publishers of many of the textbooks used at Holy Angels can be found using this link. Many of the sites offer additional resources for students, as well as helpful information for parents.