Revolution is 40 Seconds

This year’s Spring Performance was a departure from previous years which focused on musical numbers and choral performances.  The sixth, seventh and eighth graders presented a humorous romp through the Revolutionary War (“in 40 minutes of less”) in two parts.

The eighth graders set the stage (literally) as the students tried to complete a major project in order to graduate.  However, they needed to enlist the help of the sixth and seventh graders in performing an action-packed play about the American Revolution.

Taking on the various roles of the Redcoats and Colonists (and King George), the sixth and seventh graders took the audience through the key, but slightly twisted, events of the American Revolution. Complete with a romantic subplot and a confused cast member (now?), the evening gave the audience history with humor.

The performance was directed by Lindsey VanderWielen in a successful directing debut.

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