Parents Gather Into Classrooms

The annual Parent in the Classroom Nights gave Holy Angels parents an opportunity to revisit life in the elementary grades. For the parents of students in kindergarten through fifth grade, it meant trying to fit into a desk that only their child could fit into comfortably! At least they were able to spend about 20 minutes hearing about life in the primary or intermediate grades without a lot of movement.

Not so for the parents of junior high students…they were treated to an evening of two-minute passing time and jaunts from the fourth floor to the gym. Along the way, parents met with the variety of teachers who form the junior high teaching team, hearing about the expectations and challenges which students will face during the 2008-09 school year.

It’s always wonderful to have so many parents participating in the Parent-in-the-Classroom Nights. It’s a sign of the interest and support of the parents of our school and an important factor in the development of students at Holy Angels.

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