Opera Comes to Holy Angels

The mention of the word “opera” results in a wide range of reactions and opinions. For some, it’s some kind of singing in another language that takes place in a large theater enjoyed by an audience that is dressed in formal attire. At Holy Angels, this year’s Artist-in-Residence Program brings opera to our school in a unique and original way…the students are creating one!

With the help of the Skylight Opera Theatre, Mrs. Komassa’s music department has been transformed into an opera company that is working with a story line, writing words, generating musical themes, and bringing it all together to create mini-opera for the Spring Performance on April 22nd.

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the first Earth Day observance, and since our school theme this year has to do with creating, the opera will focus on the Book of Genesis and the story of the creation of the world. Each grade that performs in the opera will take on a part of the story – the universe, plants, animals, human beings. They will also address our stewardship of each of these parts of creation in today’s world.

The writing of the opera’s libretto (the words!) was the task of Language Arts classes with the help of Mrs. Gengler (sixth grade) and Mrs. Walker (seventh grade). In addition, the sixth grade Religion classes have prepared a piece of narration to tie the whole story together (with the help of Mrs. Sternig and Mrs. Zimmer). Setting the words to music has been led by Donna Kummer of the Skylight Opera Company working with the sixth and seventh grade Music classes. The Artist-in-Residence is funded by the Stehling Project.

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