Olympic Day Caps Exciting Year

The annual Olympic Day was again blessed with wonderful weather.  Students were able to enjoy a full day of outdoor activities as well as several indoor events.  At the end-of-year event, students participated in running events such as the 50-yard and 100-yard dashes, and the convoluted obstacle course.  The long jump and high jump (or limbo for the lower grades) gave students the chance to test their leaping abilities.  Most of the students were able to stay on their scooter as they raced in the Cedar Room and we’re still trying to determine the faster pitcher in the school.

The ice cream treats and cold beverages were a welcome relief during a day the featured mild temperatures but sunny skies.  Without rain in the forecast, the chalk drawing were still visible to patrons of the Festival of Angels. 

The final activity of the day was enjoyed by the seventh graders who really earned the right to “properly” dispose of the water used in the water relay event.

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