New School Year…

Holy Angels began the 2106-17 school year on Sunday with an Open House.  School families and parish members got their first look at classrooms which were renovated during the summer as part of the 21st Century Classrooms project.

Parents helped their children with finding the new locations for classrooms, meeting teachers and classmates, dropping off school supplies, and covering books.

Although Fr. Pat promised lobster or something, visitors (including many parish members) weren’t disappointed with the broken promise. Rather, they enjoyed seeing the new environment which is taking shape through the 21st Century Classrooms project.

One school family had a special reason to mark the opening of the new school year.  The entire Bill and Tammy Waech Family accompanied the youngest member of their family as he entered the new K5 classroom. The truly remarkable aspect of the gathering was that all seven Waech children will have experienced the joy of having Mrs. Kris Matthews as their K5 teacher! Mrs. Matthews is one of many Holy Angels teachers who have dedicated a lifetime of service to the learning faith community at Holy Angels School.

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