Morning Open House Welcomes a New Year

An overcrowded 9:30 Mass was the first hint that there would be a rush on the school as students and parents gathered for the first time in the 09-10 school year. The annual Beginning-of-Year Open House took on a new look when it was scheduled for a Sunday morning instead of the usual Monday night. A full five-day week necessitated the change to the morning slot which many preferred…or maybe it was the breakfast and beverages provided in the Walnut Room by the Parents Activities Club!?!?!

Students had an opportunity to meet their new teachers and classmates as parents caught up on a summer-ful of activities. Within a couple of hours, almost 350 students settled into their new place of opportunity for learning and growing.

At 11:00, the gym was the scene for the drawing of winners in this year’s Calendar of Ca$h raffle. The winning tickets were immediately sealed in daily envelopes which are opened each school day. Winners names can be found on the school website.

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