Monsters of the Third Grade

The third graders in Mrs. Gibbon’s Class presented their performance of The Monster Journals recently. In the play, “students” (with really weird names and characteristics) struggle to complete their assignment from their teacher Mistress Stiffwell: “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Johnny (the only character without a last name) gets all sorts of advice and ideas from classmates Cora Ann Cranium, Ichabod Inkblot, Fanny Fakename, Harry Hooper, and others. He finally comes up with a journal entry that earns a thunderous applause from his classmates.

The students learned their lines during the past several weeks as parent volunteers helped to create the classroom and hallway settings for the play. Dressed as weird, wild and just-plain-interesting characters, the students performed The Monster Journals several times for guests and students from other grades.

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