Holy Angels School Committee – October 19, 2011


  1. Call to Order / Prayer: 7:05 PM Present- Tony Spaeth, Kyle Zautner, Kelly Waala, Steve Stanek (PCL) arrived 8:00 PM, Julie Schmidt, Brian Glaszcz, Mike Sternig. David Tennies, Beth Holbrook, Guests: Linda Doll and Sheila Tranel.
  2. Approval of Minutes: Motion passed 8-0 on a motion by Kelly Waala (David Tennies 2nd)
  3. Old Business: 

Annual Goals for the HASC: 

A. Leadership Development Series- HASC will host and participate in this Office for Schools           training session. Mike Sternig will have more info soon.

B. Joint meeting with Holy Angels Parish Council and HASC- no report from Steve Stanek      (PCL)

C. Meetings with School Committees from St. Mary’s and St. Frances Cabrini-

      Tony Spaeth has been in contact with St. Mary’s and David Tennies contacted St.Frances                 Cabrini. The date will be set soon. 

  1. New Business: 

A.   Distinguished Graduate Award-

      No names have been submitted at this point. A description of the qualifications for this will            be put forth in the Holy Angels Messenger, the school website, and the church bulletin, in an effort to elicit names. 

B.  Holiday Celebration-

A motion to appropriate $1000.00 for the purchase of food for the teacher/staff holiday celebration passed 8-0, with David Tennies motion, Beth Holbrook 2nd

  1. Committee Reports: 

A.  Athletic Committee: Brian Glaszcz reported that the staffing of concessions is going well.

      The volleyball potluck dinner will be Monday, October 24, 2011. Emily Laufer and Nicole    Wilde will be guest speakers. 

B.  Development Committee: Kelly Waala reported that the last meeting was September 29, 2011. The Holy Angels Messenger will go out in Oct. The SCRIP program sheet now has            more details for online purchases. Preparations are under way for Gifts from the Heart.             There will be a Boston Store community days fundraiser Nov. 11th and 12th. Lac Lawrann        family night and tailgate party were a great success. 

6.   Financial Report: as of 10/19/2011 Mike Sternig explained that the finances are in order; also the year to date numbers are quite close to the budgeted numbers. Brian Glaszcz brought up the search engine Good Search for the internet. For each search 1 cent goes to the school. Another possibility is having Good Search as the home page for the school computers. 

7.   Open to All (no actionable items)

Beth Holbrook asked about iPads being used in the school. 20 of them are in use for enrichment and remedial reading. She also asked about how the moving of teachers to different grade levels has affected the school. Mike Sternig said it has been positive. 

David Tennies brought up the potential sign to be placed on Hwy 33. There is no word as to its installation at this point. 

Kyle Zautner asked about the exchange student. There was no follow-up from the exchange program. 

Tony Spaeth discussed the teaching of roots and stems (Language) at the high school level. Marge Gengler is looking into this to prepare the Holy Angels students. 

Beth Holbrook said Chinese has been dropped at the high school level. Mike Sternig said Holy Angels will continue to teach it. 

Mike Sternig brought up American Sign Language as a possible fourth language at some time in the future. 

8.   Next Meeting: November 16, 2011, 7:00PM in the science room. /Closing Prayer led by Tony        Spaeth.  Adjournment at 8:16 PM. 

Respectfully submitted by Julie Schmidt, HASC Secretary, on October 24, 2011.


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