Holy Angels School Committee – June 15, 2011

1. Call to Order / Prayer:

Present- Greg Rinn, Greg Zimmer, Tony Spaeth, Nancy Monday, Kyle Zautner, Beth Holbrook, David Tennies, Kelly Walla, Steve Stanek (PCL), Julie Schmidt, Brian Galszcz, Mike Sternig.

2. Approval of Minutes:

Motion passed 7-0 on a motion by Nancy Monday (Tony Spaeth 2nd)

3. Old Business:

Policy Revisions:

All of the policy changes received a consensus approval as written except for the policy that would open a 2nd classroom of a grade, where the “40” number was discussed.

After a lengthy debate regarding the increase in adding a 2nd class in a grade from 34 students to 40 students several motions were made. David Tennies motioned to keep the number at 34 students but the motion did not garner a second. Beth Holbrook motioned to accept the number at 40 (Greg Rinn 2nd) and the motion passed without consensus 6-2 with Greg Zimmer and David Tennies dissenting. As consensus is the norm for the HASC, a further motion was made by Greg Rinn to change the number to 38 (David Tennies 2nd). The motion to add the second class in a grade at 38 students passed with consensus 8-0.

Enrollment Update:

K3 – 15
K4 – 27
K5 – 25
Gr1 – 40
Gr2 – 36
Gr3 – 25
Gr4 – 32
Gr5 – 32
Gr6 – 37
Gr7 – 38
Gr8 – 34
Total: 341

Enrollment waiver request: A request for enrollment waiver in the K5 grade was discussed after being tabled in May. As one student left HAS, one of the three on the waiting list got in. The other two did not meet the criteria of the policy set by previous school committees. Nobody supported creating a new policy so the two students will remain on the waiting list for K5.

4. New Business:

Seating of new members:

Julie Schmidt and Kelly Walla and were welcomed as new members of the HASC while David Tennies and Tony Spaeth were re-seated for their second terms after being re-elected. Greg Rinn offered his resignation and Brian Glaszcz was seated to complete the final year of Greg’s term. The terms of Nancy Monday (completing Sarah Reisberg’s term) and Greg Zimmer expired.

Officers and Liaisons:

The following leadership posts were filled.

  • Chair: Tony Spaeth
  • Vice-Chair: David Tennies
  • Secretary: Julie Schmidt
  • Athletic Committee: Brian Glaszcz
  • Development Committee: Kelly Walla.

5. Committee Reports:

Athletic Committee: There are two teams per grade for all girls volleyball classes.

Development Committee: An extensive report on the development committee included information on reunions, script, the golf outing, and the FiestHa event for fall 2011.

6. Financial Report:

The financial handout showed that we had a strong annual fund drive and that HAS employees held the line on costs again this year. The Kern family foundation came through with $5000 in grant money to support the 2nd year implementation of Project Lead the Way.

7. Open to All (no actionable items)

  1. Steve Stanek brought up the topics of the parish website, a new sign that will be put on donated land, and an opportunity for students to join the cub scouts in the already established St. Francis Cabrini dens.
  2. Mike Sternig presented the ACRE religion scores for the 8th grade class. Mike Sternig presented the summary of the bully survey given to students.
  3. Steve Stanek expressed thanks to Greg Rinn, Nancy Monday and Greg Zimmer as their terms have ended.

8. Next Meeting:

August 17th 7:00PM in the science room.

Closing Prayer led done by Greg Rinn

Adjournment took place at 9:20PM.

Respectfully Submitted By Greg Zimmer, HASC outgoing secretary
On June 22nd, 2011 Anno Domini

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