H.A.S. Development Committee – September 29, 2011

H.A.S. Development Committee

Meeting Minutes

September 29, 2011


Present: Pam Bollen, Kara Guse, Matt Sternig, Tom Feldhusen, Ross Zautner, Kelly Waala, Karen Girard

I. Prayer

Lead by Pam

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Mike motioned to approve August 11, 2011 minutes, Kelly seconded; motion carried

III. Alumni Relations

a) Pam has alumni addresses to add to the database before next HAM goes out

b) Class ’81 gave a generous donation to HAS at their reunion last month

IV. Annual Fund

a) Full mailing will go out this year, brochure will be similar to last year’s; possibility of paypal being looked at to collect donations on website; target date for mailing: end of November

V. Fund Raising

a) Kelly gave Kara a list of fundraisers, for reference

b) Script program is expanding: can now be ordered online by extended family/friends under a school family’s name

c) Magazine Drive Kara will contact Lynette regarding this year’s sale

d) Boston Store Community Days Nov. 11 & 12

e) Gifts From the Heart Ross will schedule an initial meeting in the next few weeks

VI. Grant Writing

a) Focus this year will be on identifying needs


a) Next issue: October 2011

b) Some questions about the address database; Kara will talk to Stephanie


a) Tailgate party, Fall Family Fun evening at Lac Lawrann on October 7

IX. PR/Recruitment/Marketing

a) Working more closely with parish on marketing effort

b) Will reassess newspaper advertising

X. New Business

No new business

Next Meeting

Thursday, November 3, 2011, 6:30 pm in the Science Room

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