Athletic Committee – September 18

HAS Athletic Committee                   Minutes                      September 18, 2011

Call to Order/Prayer
Mitch called the meeting to order and said prayer 6:00pm

Mitch Draxler, Chip Faehling, Ted Tranel, Toni Keegan, Stacey Birchbaurer, Rob Michels, Linda Stanek

Approval of Minutes
Rob made motion to approve and Ted  seconded the motion.

Old Business

            New way of concessions is working.  Booster Club member has planned to run the popcorn if they are available.  It is planned that the team parent organize the staffing of the concession/admission table ( on a team-by-team basis).  However, if there is no one to help, the AC person may need get a parent to help or do it themselves. 

Volleyball Classic
            7 7th grade teams and 8 8th grade teams are signed up.  Toni will work on getting another 7th grade team. 

            Trophies and ribbons are in the works.

AC Duty
Classis duties were assigned.

Volleyball Season Update 
            8th Grade:  An 8th grader has chosen not to play on the 8th grade team, based on her lack of playing time.  Her parents addressed the issue to the coach after the game.  Darlene (head coach) explained to the parent that the student-athlete is behind in skills and they are doing everything to get her up to speed (she has not played with the team since 5th grade).    Between contacts with Mike Sternig and Linda Stanek, all issues were addressed (Documentation in emails, between the parties).
            7th Grade:  No issues
            6th Grade:  No issues
            5th Grade:  Slight issues between coaches.  Tone Keegan wished to split off from co-team practices and scheduled them on her own with out communication with the other coach (Christy Carey).  Issues were discussed and resolved. 

Secretary Update: Possibly Colleen Mas

Budget:  Passed Unanimously

New Business

Volleyball Pot Luck Supper
            October 24th 6:00pm:
                        Linda will get the speakers
                        Toni will get the supplies
                        Mitch and Mike will set up
                        Mitch will send out the invitations/what to bring

 Intramural Volleyball
            Linda and Stacey will run the program
            October 25th, 31st  , Nov 2nd and 3rd  (3-5pm on each night)

            Sign-ups to be sent out by Mitch.
            Coaches to be sent out by Mitch.

Basketball Classic : updates – Tentative 6 teams at 7th grade and 8 teams and 8th grade.

            Booklet: no info at this time

Program Reports
            Equipment – Need ice-packs
                        Phil Dahlberg would like to donate new uniforms for the 8th grade team.  Chip/Linda/Stacey will look into pricing, etc. and talk to Phil. 

Financial Report
            Reviewed Financial Report

Open to All:  None

Next Meeting: October 31st 6:00

Closing Prayer/Adjourned
            Closing Prayer by Rob, adjourned by 7:25


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