Athletic Committee – May 24, 2011

Attendees: Mike Sternig, Stephanie Rychtik, Ted Tranel, Toni Keegan, Mitch Draxler, Linda Stanek, Stacey Birchbauer

1. Call to Order / Prayer

Lead by Mike Sternig (7:05pm)

2. Approval of Minutes

Approved by consensus

3. Old Business

 Concessions – plan for 2011-2012

  • Toni reported that a “Booster Club” has been formed to help with the tasks associated with Concessions. The changes that will occur beginning with the 2011 volleyball league home games are the following:
  • Admissions volunteers to be assigned by Team Parents, not the Booster Club. If a team is playing a game at home, that team will be responsible to fill this position during the game. The admission volunteer will also be responsible for selling a small selection of beverages, candy, and snacks at the admission table. At this time popcorn has been removed from the option of items to be sold.
  • Supplies will be purchased by the Booster Club. Kris Schommer has volunteered to help manage the Booster Club by verifying supplies are stocked prior to games and keeping Toni posted throughout the school year.
  • Regarding the home tournaments, the Booster Club will be responsible for coordinating all volunteers via the online signup, stocking concession supplies for all items previously made available at home tournaments, and being available at the start of each day of games for set up and concessions volunteer instruction.

Prayer mural

  • No update

Intramural softball

  • All went well. Some games were cancelled due to weather, but overall it was an enjoyable experience by all.

6. New Business

Volleyball signup and teams/coaches – League meeting is scheduled for July 24th

  • 5th grade – 15 girls signed up – Toni Keegan and Mari Hayes signed up for coaching
  • 6th grade – 19 girls signed up – Brenda Gonzalez, Laurie Gremonprez, Jann
  • Uelmann, Kyle Zautner, Chris Feldheusen, and Liz Minz signed up for coaching
  • 7th grade – 18 girls signed up – Sandy Michels, Rhonda Faehling, and Jo Sadonikow signed up for coaching
  • 8th grade – 10 girls signed up – No one signed up for coaching.
  • Several names were identified for follow up. Approval for coaches to take place via email later this summer.

AC Membership for 2011-2012

  • Linda Stanek – volleyball coordinator
  • Stacey Birchbauer – volleyball coordinator
  • Toni Keegan – Volleyball Classic Organizer and Booster Liason
  • Rob Michels – basketball coordinator
  • Chip Faehling – equipment
  • Beth Bensen – Basketball Classic advertising (booklet)
  • Jann Uelmen – intramurals
  • Ted Tranel – treasurer
  • Secretary position still open
  • Mitch Draxler – Chairperson and Basketball Classic Organizer
  • Mike Sternig – ex officio

Advertising in gym

A business has expressed interest in advertising in the HA gym on a business banner, similar to what can be seen in the St. Mary’s gym. After much discussion, it was decided not to move forward with this type of fundraising at this time.

7. Program Reports

  • Boys Interscholastics: See above
  • Girls Interscholastics: See above
  • Intramurals: None
  • Equipment: Linda reported that six volleyballs and two scorebooks will be needed. Mitch to purchase.
  • Anything Else…. – None

8. Financial Report

Presented and approved. We came in well under budget this year as new uniforms were not purchased as expected and the lack of a 7th grade basketball team eliminated the need for tournament fees.

9. Open to All


10. Next Meeting

Thursday, August 11th at 7pm

11. Closing Prayer / Adjourn …

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