Leadership Forum Focuses on Scripture

The Lumen Alliance (Catholic schools of Washington and Dodge counties) recently sponsored the bi-annual Catholic Youth Leadership Forum at the Mayville Pavilion. Junior high students who are leaders in their school came together for a day of activities focusing on “What Scripture Means to Me”. Participants from the various schools were intermingled and had an opportunity to share their personal experiences with those from other schools. One of the activities involved searching through comic strips to find God’s message and inspiration in a present day cultural form. Several participants also shared their own response to the theme of the day.

A semi-rousing group cheer helped students to remember the names of the books of the New Testament. Following lunch, participants from each school again gathered to consider opportunities to better enliven the Sacred Scripture in their own school or parish setting. Planned projects were shared with the large group which offered each other encouragement to make a difference by using their leadership skills.

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