Junior High Learns the “Ropes”

The seventh and eighth grade students had an opportunity to learn a little more about themselves, life choices, teamwork, problem solving, and supporting others as they participated in a Ropes Course at Regner Park recently. Groups consisting of seventh and eighth graders were challenged to complete a variety of tasks. In completing the tasks, the students reached several goals which will help them to cope with everyday life more effectively. The primary difference between a typical Ropes Course and this year’s experience is in the focus provided by the facilitator. Alan Lull, a West Bend Youth Minister, was able to help students reflect not only on interpersonal relationships, but also on students’ relationships with God and others in a faith community. Students were able to walk away from the day, not only having a lot of fun away from school, but also with new insights for overcoming challenges and helping others to do the same.

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