Junior High Experiences “Daniel’s Story”

Sometimes, in our world, people are divided into “us” and “them”. The sixth, seventh and eighth grade got to see what happens when people act on this belief. We toured the traveling exhibit from the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Remember the Children, Daniel’s Story, is an interactive exhibit about a fictitious person named Daniel. Although Daniel is fictitious, the experiences portrayed are real, based on accounts of those who died during the Holocaust, and the memories of those who survived. From this experience we have to ask ourselves this question: “Do we ever make people into ‘them’ and then feel that it is okay to ignore, ridicule or make fun of ‘them’?”

The day wasn’t all serious. The sixth and eighth graders visited the Milwaukee Art Museum. WOW. The “Calatrava” is breath taking, especially when you have seen the outside and then see the inside. We got to see an original Leonardo da Vinci portrait and the “Granduer of Poland” exhibit. The sixth grade viewed some ancient art displays and the eighth grade look at some modern art. Meanwhile the seventh graders were at the Milwaukee Public Museum where everyone got a chance to mingle with the butterflies and visit the Streets of Old Milwaukee.

When we returned to school, we spent the last class period discussing Daniel’s Story and writing response cards which will be displayed somewhere in school. (Our photographer really liked the butterflies but got so involved in the other exhibits that she forgot she had the camera with her until lunch time.)

-Mrs. Muckerheide-Schmidt

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