Holy Thursday Seder

The bi-annual Seder Meal on Holy Thursday recalls the event of the Exodus and the Hebrew people passing over from slavery into freedom with the outstretched arms of Moses showing them the way. In our own time, we celebrate the passing over from slavery to sin into the freedom of New Life with the outstretched arms of Jesus on the Cross providing redemption.

The sixth grade students worked with religion teacher Linda Sternig in preparing the settings for the meal prayer. With tablecloths, candles, and special place settings, the prayer service provided a unique opportunity for students to reflect on the Passover of the Old Testament and our own call to holiness. Led with reflections by various faculty members, the students sampled items such as radish, parsley, unleavened bread, and sweetbread which related to the Old Testament account. Jesus’ last cup was symbolized with grape juice. Following the “four questions” and a litany of prayer reminiscent of the Exodus experience, participants joined in singing Remember Your Love.

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