HAS Presents “The Music Man”

Again this year, the seventh grade took on leading roles for the spring performance.  Music at Holy Angels is very important and the story of “The Music Man” emphasizes how music can enrich people’s lives.  The fourth, fifth and sixth grade helped to tell the story as well as performed many of the wonderful musical selections from the show.

The story begins with a train traveling to Iowa with the rhythm song called “Rock Island” that talks about the life of a salesman and the no good swindler, Harold Hill, who is giving salesmen all a bad name.  The adventures of “Professor Hill” take him to River City where he meets Marian the librarian and his life is never the same…nor is the town ever the same!  Marian realizes that Harold is a good man, even if he doesn’t know it, and saves him from the townspeople. The story ends with the Fourth of July Festival and a rousing chorus of “76 Trombones”.

Leading roles were played by Joe Zimmer (Harold Hill), Laura Zautner (Marian), Andrew Glaszcz (Marcellus), and Kate Davies (Mrs. Paroo). Also featured were Tyler Stanek (Charlie), Casey Gerber (Mayor Shinn), and fourth grader Tyler Sternig (Winthrop).

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