HA of the Future?

Magnet schools have provided interesting educational opportunities for students as these schools feature a central focus for all aspects of the curriculum (No, this article isn’t about educational philosophies!). This year’s Spring Performance provided a glimpse into a future in which Holy Angels becomes THE premier rock ‘n roll magnet school. The student teachers of the future solicit the assistance of the regular faculty (enjoying whatever behind the faculty room door) in trying to develop some interesting lesson plans which include (of course) the “universal language” of music, especially rock ‘n roll. Seventh graders took on the lead roles in the performance (which featured an interesting Tango number) and they were joined with musical selections by students in grades 4 through 7. The HArd Rock Cafe was open before and after the performance.

  • School Grounds
  • Alice in Wonderland School Play
  • Grandparents Day
  • Donald Driver Visit
  • Olympics Day
  • Graduation Photos

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