Gym Floor Becomes Roller Rink

The Holy Angels gym floor was re-surfaced a couple of summers ago and the almost-new floor revealed an interesting pattern fto many for the first time. The floor boards are arranged in an oval pattern rather than the usual straight planks and more than one person wondered why!?!? Built during an era when roller skating was popular, the gym was set up to double as a roller rink…the pattern allowed skates to avoid rolling “against the grain”.

Mrs. Busse’s phy ed classes have been a blur of activity lately as students put on roller skates and whizzed around the gym (well, some might not exactly whiz!). Each year, the phy ed programs offers a special unit. This year, the students are learning how to roller skate as they develop coordination and balance. Junior high volunteers have helped the younger students get the hang of things and even taught a few special moves. Even a few teachers can be found taking advantage of the opportunity to roll around the HA Gym!

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