German Exchange Student at H.A.

6th and 8th grade German students were recently treated to a visit from foreign exchange student Christoph Baumgartner. He has been living with the Steiner family since August, while attending West Bend High School . Shortly after his visit to our school, Christoph returned home to Germany.

He grew up in Austria, where the German language is also spoken, but then moved to Germany with his family several years ago. 8th graders enjoyed carrying on a German dialog with Christoph for part of the class, asking questions about his family, school, activities, etc. Great practice!! 6th graders also had lots of questions for Christoph, who spoke fluent English.

The students learned a great deal about life in Germany and Austria, as well as Christoph’s view of our country. Special thanks to Mrs. Linda Steiner for arranging the visit and to 6th grader Andrew Steiner for leading the 6th grade class conversation with Christoph! Danke!

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