Geography Bee Tests Students

The world around us affects our lives more and more each day with stories of tragedies, changes in governments, refugees, natural disasters, and much more. It becomes increasingly important to grow in knowledge of geography in order to better understand these events.

The annual Geography Bee was an opportunity for students to learn more about the land forms, political boundaries, and natural resources which shape the world in which we live.

This year’s Geography Bee was coordinated by Kristin Walker and Seth Breunig. Participants in this year’s event included: Maddee Bell, Zach Behn, Teagan Cole, Kate Wiedmeyer, Tyler Tennies, Tadd Jamieson, Owen Schmidt, Greta Zier, Nate Waech, and Taylor Chemer.

After several rounds of questioning, Tadd and Greta emerged as the finalists and provided an exciting final round with Greta Zier emerging as this year’s champion by correctly identifying the fact that West Bend was founded as the midway stopping point between Milwaukee and Fond du lac.

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