Frogs Tell a Tale of Spring

The annual Spring Performance featured this year’s theme: F.R.O.G. The “star” of the show was a famous frog from television and movies and some of his special guests. The decidedly “green” theme also called attention to environmental issues which makes a frog’s life (and ours) more difficult.

“The Frog Show – an All-Amphibian Review” was presented by the students in 4th-7th grade performing some of Kermit’s favorite Muppet Show songs (“Rainbow Connection”, “Bein’ Green”) and lots of jazz (bet you didn’t know that frogs favor jazz music and in particular scat-singing!). The Fabulous FAD (Fine Arts Design) Team built the five large two-dimensional puppets of the amphibian stars of the show: Kermit the Frog, his nephew Robin, the Frog Prince, the Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and the Toad from “Tuck Everlasting”.

Between each act, several small groups of students performed. Since no Muppet Show knock-off would be complete without a live band, the show had the best band possible for the Muppet songs with Mrs. Stephanie Walker on piano, Mr. Matthew Walker on trombone, Mrs. Kara Peck on trumpet, Kyle Hoppe on percussion and a guest soloist on banjo for “Rainbow Connection”.

Before and after the show, the Lily Pad Cafe was open in the Walnut and Cedar Rooms, offering live music, cookies and ice cream, and assorted beverages to raise money for the Washington County Humane Society.

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