Fifth Graders Perform, Part 1

Mrs. Thelen’s 5th grade class had been working almost nonstop to prepare for their play, A Trip to the Beach, which debuted on May 28th. Mrs. Thelen offered a few words of encouragement and then the play was on! It was definitely a laugh-out-loud and successful performance. From the revealing of Billy Butcher’s (played by Derick Wollner) Pooh t-shirt to Mrs. Brown’s (Maggie Reuteman) class chant of “That is an ugly dog!”, the audience was laughing their heads off.

“I enjoyed it and it was a fun experience”, said Ian Givens. Adam Mueller added, “It was awesome!” If you would like to see A Trip to the Beach, it is available on video cassette in the HA Library.

-reported by Alyssa Gruenke and Lisa Koller

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