Famous Friday Fish Fry and Gifts From the Heart

The lines for the 2003 Famous Friday Fish Fry reached out of the gym, through the lobby, across the plaza to the sidewalk. It was a sure sign of the support from the community for Holy Angels School (or perhaps just a really good fish fry during Lent!).

Throughout the night, diners enjoys the delicious “Hans Weber recipe” fish, along with waffle fries, cole slaw, and all-you-can-eat homemade desserts. A legion of parents helped at the fryers, in the kitchen and serving line, and in the dining room. Junior high students also shared their time in the dining room. One reviewer called it “the best fish fry in the area…just like last year!”

The 14th annual Gifts from the Heart Raffle drew crowds all evening with a display of 156 raffle items. The tension mounted as the start of the drawing came closer and everyone in the crowd anticipated hearing their name called.

Local radio personality Bob Bonenfant provided the running commentary throughout the drawings as “Vanna White wannabees” eloquently displayed each item in the raffle. There were ooh’s and aah’s (and an occasional drum roll) as each winner was announced. Finally, the winner of the $1234.56 was revealed and it was evident that the many hours of preparation had resulted in a HUGE success.

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