Eighth Graders Locked In

What do 50 eighth graders do when they find themselves locked in school over night? Well, they don’t study! They enjoy basketball, volleyball, screaming (er, singing) with the Karaoke, eating pizza, pizza and more pizza, and more. Then about, 3:30 in the morning they pause to relax and spend some quiet time in meditation (led by Mrs. “Muck”). At least some of them stayed awake. And then it’s back to more food, fun and games!

A few of the parents of the graduates also joined in the meditation and caught some z-z-z. In the meantime, some of the lively parent group nibbled on leftover pizza and tried to stay awake long enough to keep things going until yawn (or was that dawn). As the students count down their last days at HA, they’ll remember a night of being locked in school (and it wasn’t that bad!).

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