Students Tour Egyptian Tomb

Songs by Steve Martin and the Bangles provided Holy Angels sixth graders with inspiration as they toiled to construct an Egyptian mummy and personal cartouches in preparation for the opening of their Egyptian tomb exhibit at the school. The students had completed a unit on ancient Egypt as part of the social studies curriculum and they used songs like “King Tut” and “Walk Like an Egyptian” during their work time.

The final product was a tomb which was toured by their Little Buddies in first grade. The “tourists” were greeted at the entrance by a Pharaoh and Egyptian Queen before entering into the inner chambers of the exhibit. During the tour, the sixth graders explained their cartouches, which contained the name of the maker in hieroglyphics, and showed their guests the masks which were made by each student.  The sarcophagus clearly towered over the first graders and their tour guides.  When asked, the sixth graders would not reveal whose mummy was contained in the tomb.

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