Distinguished Graduate Award to Todd and Terry Tennies

As part of the celebration of Catholic Schools Week each year, Holy Angels recognizes a past student with the National Catholic Educational Association’s Distinguished Graduate Award. The Student Mission Statement at Holy Angels is confirmed at each Monday morning assembly when students say…”We belong to a Catholic community which gathers together to proclaim the Gospel, serve others and praise God. With the help of parents, teachers and others, we are here to grow in faith, knowledge, values and respect.”

Service is an important value at Holy Angels…we are called to be the “hands of God” in our world today.  Recently school families delivered Meals on Wheels, teachers helped provide meals at Thanksgiving, the HAS-HOPE club has been helping people and organizations throughout our community, and more.   Students look to others as examples of service and inspiration in our call to serve others. 

This year’s Distinguished Graduates are members of the Class of 1977… Todd Tennies and Terry Tennies.  They have made service an important element in their lives.  Not only do they emphasize the importance of serving others as part of doing business, they also show the importance of serving the greater community. As one of them said, “My Catholic education gave me a wonderful sense of community and service….I enjoy helping and serving customers as well as others.”

The example of service can be seen in their involvement in coaching, in their support of local athletic teams and community organizations (it’s been said that anytime someone in West Bend needs something, these guys will step up to help), volunteering with the Downtown Marketplace, or working to make the next West Bend Germanfest the best one ever. 

If God ever needed a couple of extra hands to get things done around here, He’d certainly find them in this year’s award recipients.


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