Deacon Mark Honored at CSW

This year’s National Catholic Educational Association’s Distinguished Graduate award was presented as part of the Catholic Schools Week celebration. A member of the Class of 1965, this year’s recipient is Deacon Mark Jansen. In addition to serving the citizens of the West Bend area for 29 years as a law enforcement officer, Deacon Mark has also been involved in youth athletics, having a special interest in baseball at many levels over the years. Following his “retirement”, he sought out new areas of service. Of course, Jansen could always be found at the annual Festival of Angels, leading a dedicated crew that just couldn’t say “no” whenever he asked for help. After all, Jansen was typically on the grounds for the majority of every festival weekend. When it came to responding to a special call to service, this year’s Distinguished Graduate gave his fervent “Yes to God” by enrolling in the Milwaukee Archdiocese deaconate program. Even before ordination in 2007, Jansen shared his talents with the high school youth of Holy Angels Parish. And now he serves as not only the Youth Minister, but also the Volunteer Coordinator for Holy Angels Parish.


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