Dads in Kindergarten

The annual Donuts with Dad Day in the five-year-old kindergarten gave students a chance to share a morning with one of their favorite people…their dad!  The day started with a highly active Phy Ed class and Mr. Draxler made sure the dads got their workout for the day.

After a tiring session in the gym, there was choice time and center time (we hope the dads learned a few new things!). Of course the day would not be complete without kindergartners serving their dad a donut.

The students also had an opportunity to show their dads around school as they used a scavenger hunt to take their morning guest to many of the special places that are part of kindergarten at Holy Angels School.

  • School Grounds
  • Alice in Wonderland School Play
  • Grandparents Day
  • Donald Driver Visit
  • Olympics Day
  • Graduation Photos


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