CSW Day 100

The celebration of Day 100 at Holy Angels was a special treat this year. The day included the visit by a whole classroom of 100-year-olds…actually, it was the first graders dressed as really old people. The students helped the rest of the school celebrate the milestone day by leading a Day 100 cheer during the half-time of the student-faculty basketball game.

The basketball game got off to a rough start as someone de-flated the basketball for tip-off (for anyone reading this years from now…refer to the NFL controversy regarding the AFC championship). ┬áScoring was rather limited in the first half by either great defense or poor shooting. In the end, the students rallied to post a 28-21 victory over a beleaguered faculty.

A highlight for the day in the kindergarten (K5) classroom was a visit by someone who was actually 101 years old! Abigail Glaszcz’s great-grandfather visited with the students and shared stories from his childhood. ┬áThe students also had the experience of really seeing “four generations” together and understanding how all of that makes sense!

Day 100 proved to be a good ending of a special week at Holy Angels School.

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