Coronavirus Information & Forms

Current COVID Procedures:

Goal: To provide the safest and most secure environment we can for our students, teachers, staff and all who enter our school facility. By providing this environment we believe we will be able not only keep our students and teachers safe but also ensure we will be able to keep our students in the classroom this year.

The Principal, the School Committee and the Pastor are all committed to this goal and to working together as a team, constantly evaluating this fluid situation, making decisions based on the information we have at hand. We will consider options to continue to maintain our goal – ensuring all students are safe and receiving in-person learning, keeping our Catholic faith always present.

Below is the outline – with descriptions, of our COVID protocol at this point in time, as circumstances change these guidelines may have to change:

  • Masks will be optional for students and staff. If national, state or local mandates are enacted, Holy Angels will follow those. Holy Angels may implement brief periods of mask requirement based on unique classroom situations.
  • Hand sanitizing/washing, and classroom sanitizing will continue as last year. All protocols that the Maintenance staff followed will continue this school year.
  • Water bottles are required as the fill stations will be utilized rather than the bubbler portion.
  • Students can gather in larger groups for school-wide events/activities/fieldtrips) as long as they stay with their cohort (as much as possible).
  • At this time, Elementary and Middle School students will attend Mass together on Thursday mornings at 8:00am.
  • There will not be a virtual option for students that are home sick (unless there are extenuating circumstances that are approved by the principal. Teachers have at least 24 hours to prepare for this). Virtual instruction will occur if a classroom closes due to quarantine, or a student has to quarantine due to exposure or a positive test.
  • If three or more students test positive in the class; in a short period of time (2-3 days), the entire class will be quarantined for the current CDC required time. Students will then transition to a virtual learning environment until the quarantine for the classroom is lifted. Any student from that class that develops symptoms and/or tests positive will need to extend their quarantine for 10 days from the onset if the first symptoms.
  • If your child has been vaccinated or had COVID, they can attend school with a mask. At this time it is highly recommended that they continue in a mask for 10 days. If you would like your child to be considered for this, please share this information with the Principal. The Principal will confidentially maintain the list.
  • If your child has not been vaccinated and/or has not had COVID, your child will need to quarantine for the current CDC required time.  Students will then transition to a Virtual learning environment until the quarantine for that classroom is lifted.

Close Contact in School

  • If a student tests positive for Covid, the student will quarantine but the class will remain in-person
  • Parents will notify the school of the positive test and the teachers will monitor rest of students for symptoms. Parents will also monitor their other children for symptoms
  • A mask is highly recommended for the entire class in this situation. The mask recommendation for this situation is 10 days from a positive test
  • If a child displays symptoms after a close contact, keep your child home and contact the school and your physician. Symptoms include: tiredness, headache, sore throat, cough, tummy ache, low-grade fever. If your child has two or more of these symptoms exist and are not related to allergies or other known non-contagious conditions, please keep your child home.

Close Contact in the Home

  • If the initial close contact is at home, families can consider using isolation strategies to reduce potential spread. The CDC’s recommendation in this situation is:
  • “Isolation”is used to separate people infected with COVID-19 from those who are not infected.
  • People who are in isolation should stay home until it’s safe for them to be around others (See guidelines in bullet points 4-6 below). At home, anyone sick or infected should separate from others, stay in a specific “sick room” or area, and use a separate bathroom (if available).
  • If a student is able to isolate from the positive family member, it is possible that the student can come to school while we monitor symptoms just like we would for close contacts in school.  Wearing a mask would be highly recommended at this stage.   
  • If isolation is not attainable based on these recommendations, the student would quarantine at home can get tested on Day 6 to see if they have Covid.  If negative test is obtained, the student can come back to school, but we will continue to monitor for symptoms. If you choose to not test the student, then the student can return to school after Day 10 (without symptoms). During this time teachers will provide work to be completed at home and virtual instruction would be an option.  
  • If on Day 6 the student tests positive for Covid, a 10 day quarantine would be implemented, and the student would continue virtual instruction.

Close Contact Outside of School

  • Notify the school 
  • Observe student for symptoms 
  • If no symptoms present themselves, the student is allowed to attend school, but a mask would be highly recommended for 10 days
  • If a student presents symptoms the student will be sent home or should be kept at home 
  • You should contact your physician for next steps

Parents, we ask that you monitor your child(ren) in the morning for any symptoms of illness. Please keep child(ren) home if you suspect your child is not feeling well. This was a successful mitigation measure last year and will help us to keep illness numbers low again this year and our students attending in-person instruction.

Parents are welcome to opt their child out of a field trip, school event, or an activity if they feel uncomfortable having them attend due to people other than the student’s cohort being in attendance. Please communicate this option to the teacher and Principal. Parents may call their child in with an excused absence for the day, or the student can be marked present by completing alternative work for that school day.

As stated earlier, this is a fluid document. The Holy Angels team will continue to monitor the situation in the school and our community. If there is a need for change in any part of this plan, we will communicate it with you.

Thank you for your partnership in this process!