Class of 1957 Gathers

The Holy Angels Class of 1957 got together recently to tour the school, celebrate Mass together and enjoy an evening of food and memories at a local restaurant. The group gathered in the Walnut Room of a building that did not exist when they were students; in fact, the present “old building” was the “new building” with these alumni attended HA.

Also in attendance were three of their former teachers: Sister Mary Jean Louise, Sister Mary Anastasia, and Mrs. Jane McElroy (interestingly, Mrs. McElroy was also current principal Mike Sternig’s third grade teacher at another Catholic school).

The alumni shared many memories of Sister Agatha’s class and office, the fire escape and Valentine’s Party, and Mr. McElroy’s piano playing. Jim German even wore his safety cadet badge! They also recalled the angel statue in the stairway landing (must be at least 50 year’s old!). However, no one could recall the basement vault (other than suggest that it was for the really naughty students). The reunion committee, led by Bob Hoffman, assembled a booklet of memories which was given to members of the class; the school also received a copy for the library.

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