Celebrating 150 Years

Although every school year is special, the 2014-15 school year is extraordinary because it’s the 150th year that Holy Angels School is providing a Catholic education for the families of our parish community.  The calculation of this milestone has been a bit difficult because of the murky historical evidence about the school.

The earliest record of Holy Angels School can be found in a statement quoted in a commemorative booklet from the 1963 building dedication:  “A notice in the West Bend newspaper in February of 1866 made the following reference: ‘The building committee of the Catholic Congregation of West Bend is to meet at the Catholic School house at West Bend’. The location of this first Catholic school is not known.”

This quote seems to indicate that there was a Catholic school in West Bend (different than Barton) for the 1865-66 school year. Because no earlier record has been found, the 1865-66 school year is assumed to be the first. That would make the 2014-15 school year the 150th!

Holy Angels recently celebrated this milestone.  There was a School Family Pot Luck Supper on Friday, May 15th, which included some really unique entertainment following the meal.

On Saturday, May 16th, a Celebration Dinner and All-Year Reunion saw a gathering of alumni from as far back as the Class of 1932 to members of the Class of 2014.  Several members of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, whose order served the school from the 1800s to the late 1900s, returned to meet with former students.

During the weekend Masses, HA alumni were recognized and there was an informal Open House on Sunday morning.

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  • Grandparents Day
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  • Olympics Day
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