Camp Gray

The sixth graders traveled to the Dells area recently to participate in an Environmental Stewardship Program.  The over night retreat provided an opportunity for the students to learn about the interconnectedness of the environment and our role in caring for God’s wonderful creation.

As a community building experience, students were involved in many activities where working together provided many new learning opportunities and insights.  Activities included: Marsh Madness (examining a marsh ecosystem); Alien Invaders (identifying invasive species and eradicating it); and Extreme Hike (hiking through a stream that ends up in the Gulf of Mexico). There was also a lot of just havin’ fun during the two-day retreat.

Evening reflection and prayer gave students a chance to share how they are able to bring God’s Light to the World, especially to each other.  The Solo Hike gave each participant a chance to simply experience God’s creation in a unique way. Many thanks to teachers Barb Gunnare and Patty Arndt, and parish staff member Joseph Heit for being group leaders (and losing some sleep!).

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  • Alice in Wonderland School Play
  • Grandparents Day
  • Donald Driver Visit
  • Olympics Day
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