Buddies Have Fun with the Animals

This year’s Big/Little Buddies Trip took the students in K5 through 8th grade to the Milwaukee County Zoo. The last time we visited the zoo, the Big Buddies were the Little Buddies. This year was their chance to help the younger students enjoy a day of fun and exploration among the animals.

Big and little buddies visited six different sections of the zoo as groups rotated among the various exhibits. Students looked for interesting facts from each of the continents…most buddies reported that animals from Europe were hard to find.

Some new “residents” of the Zoo captured a lot of attention. Some of the Big and Little Buddies were able to see the two newborn tigers in the Cat House. The tiger cubs’ mother was introducing them to television cameras as well as zoo patrons. Happy the hippo recently arrived from the National Zoo but was not ready to received visitors just yet.

The annual Big/Little Buddy event brings together the older and younger members of our school community for a day of fun and fellowship. The pairings this year are: grade 8 and 2, grade 7 and 3, grade 6 and 1, grade 5 and K5, and grade 4 (they’re buddy-buddies).

The Big Buddies and Little Buddies brought their own snack, lunch and beverage for the day which the older students generously volunteered to carry. A cool and overcast day provided students with a zoo filled with active animals. One of the gorillas was especially interactive as students gave “high fives” from their side of the glass.

When they returned to school, some of the buddies created their own animals by morphing each of their favorites, for example: a tiger + flamingo = tigingo (a really strange looking species!).

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