Buddies at the Museum

This year’s Big/Little Buddies Field Trip took students to the Milwaukee Public Museum. The day began with the movie, Perfect Little Planet, in the Dome Theater where students joined travelers through the solar system. Then it was on to the exhibits!

The buddies visited the European Village to get a glimpse of life that their ancestors might have experienced. Unfortunately the Streets of Old Milwaukee were being renovated and not open to the public.

Students also wandered through a variety of periods of history, including the so-called cradle of civilization in what is now the Middle East. The prehistoric dioramas provided a sense of size when viewed in context.

Museum exhibits also took students to the far reaches of the globe with an emphasis on geography and culture.

Most students enjoyed the butterfly exhibit and many were attractive to the resident butterflies as the insect landed on the lucky (and still) students.

The annual Big/Little Buddies Field Trip is an opportunity for the older students to model the care and gentle love that God has for each of us.

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