Back Stories Told of Christmas Songs

A lot of Christmas songs tell stories, but have you ever wondered whether any of these songs have a ‘back story’ to tell as well?  The eighth grade students discovered through engaging in some Internet research that a quite a few of them do have an interesting background.

Which Christmas favorite was written by two composers living in Southern California and missing “Jack Frost nipping” at their noses?  What was the first Christmas song ever broadcast into outer space?  What Sunday School Thanksgiving song was such a hit that it returned at Christmas time and never left that holiday again?

This year’s Holy Angels Christmas Performance answered these (and a lot more) questions.  In addition to learning more about Christmas favorites, the performance featured the Holy Angels Bell Choir, an eighth grade Caribbean Percussion Group, a third grade hula performance, and kindergarten (K5) jingle bell players.

The scenery was designed and painted by the eighth grade FAD (Fine Arts Design) Team.  The FAD Team advisor is art teacher Cheryl Hofschulte. The Christmas Program was directed by Jennifer Komassa and was her directing finale here at Holy Angels.

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