Annual Valentine’s Party

The annual Valentine’s was held on Friday, February 11th. The annual event has a colorful history which continues to evoke scores of memories for Holy Angels graduates as former students still talk about slides down the fire escape! This year’s celebration began at 11:00am with over 20 booths and games. Each of the homerooms, several “special” teachers, and the Student Council sponsored an attraction as students and parents helped to decorate and run each booth.

This year’s attractions included: the infamous Cake Walk, Fish Pond, Lollipop Tree, the ever-favorite Ring-a-Can-of-Soda, Tic Tac Toe, Bingo, Toss Across, and the World’s Best Valentine’s Day Raffle. The event again featured a very special raffle with five $100-value prizes. Thanks to a generous (and anonymous) donor, five winners were picked for a $100 credit toward tuition and fees.

Throughout its history, the Valentine’s Party has provided funds for a number of missions, charities and other needs as chosen by the Student Council.

The proceeds from this year’s event will help to support the local Habitat for Humanity project as well as the Albrecht Free Clinic. Perhaps our efforts will assist those in need of shelter and health services.

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